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Why you Need to OPT for University Blue Jordan 4?


Anything with university blue as the colorway inevitably gets called the unc, it is just kind of the way it goes. This pair of sneakers is taken after a collegiate theme. This shoe comes in a standard Jordan 4 box, however, the top lid instead of red and black is done in white with accents of university blue and black, and on the bottom, there is splatter cement print, which is something you would see with most or air Jordan four releases. The University blue Jordan 4  has paid homage to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina, constructed in a gorgeous shade of university blue suede, cement gray accents give the shoe some added pop as well. They are a highly sought-after pair right after their release date.   

Design details of University Blue Jordan 4:

Let us break down the look and construction of the classic and fantastic University Blue Jordan 4.

For the most part, the upper of this shoe is artistically designed and constructed out of university blue-colored suede, this wig is also covering the front toe cap as well as surrounds the front end of the sneaker. The quality of this suede is actually pretty strong and good. It can also be gauged by running the fingers across, different directions of suedes going back and forth can be felt. The eyelets have a peeky lace crown and they are both done in black. and next to this there are more overlays of blue suedes. In the middle, this is a cutout, which reveals the signature air Jordan four netting on the sides, and this is also done in that same tonal blue finish. Next to this, there is a trademark triangular wing or strap which connects to that top lace crown, and this is done in gray with a splattering of black paint on it. Then there is again more blue suede wrapping around the back end of the shoe. And then for the heel tab, this again is done in gray with black splatter paint on it and in the middle of it, we have the Jumpman logo in black color.  

The University Blue Jordan 4 comes only with one pair of laces, and they are a flat university blue color lace. Underneath this, there is the tongue, which is covered in the same netting that we have on the sides of the shoe, and the top of the tongue is constructed out of suede, stitched on the top of this we have a patch which is done in white with Jumpman flight branding on it and another interesting and unique thing they added here is the team Jordan tag, that is only connected to the shoe on one side. The back side of the tongue is done in black-colored fabric and gain here the air Jordan tag is stitched in an upside-down fashion. For the insoles, these sneakers actually come with a polyurethane insole; it is lined in black at the very top with a university blue colored Jumpman on the heel. So the upper of this air Jordan four sits atop this polyurethane foam midsole. The foam is painted in the cement style, again with gray and black splatter paint on it on the forefoot. Underneath this, there is black rubber wrap, which comes up from the outsole. And then the back heel is done in a combination of gray on the top and white on the bottom. Beneath the heel, there is an evident cutaway, which exposes the Nike air sole unit that can be found encapsulated within the midsole, and here the air unit itself is done in white.

Turning the shoe over to the bottom, here there is classic air Jordan four outsole. And it has been done in a beautiful and eye-catching combination of gray, university blue, black, and white-colored rubber with a herringbone style traction pattern along with the university blue Jumpman in the center.

The outsole of this shoe looks fantastic in a university blue color. Moving on up to the midsole.

The colorway of University Blue Jordan 4:

The official colorway for this spectacular shoe is university blue, tech gray, white and black. This baby blue shade has been popular for most air Jordan fans since the beginning.

Sizing of University Blue Jordan 4:

The University Blue Jordan 4sneakers fit true to the size, just like the normal size anyone normally wears. So staying true to the size is the key to finding the accurate size.


All in all, the University Blue Jordan 4 is a really solid air Jordan four release. For those people who wear the shades of blue too often, this pair of sneakers is nothing less than a treat. The color blocking on the shoe has turned out really very well. This is the kind of pair people would like to rock in the summers.

The abovementioned sneakers quickly became one of the most popular Air Jordan ever to be made, and it is not hard to see why. The sneakers come in a single shade of University blue with a hint of grey. This moderate combination draws down to the fact that these sneakers are neither too stylish, nor too simple. They are very impressive, elegant yet plain, and simple in the history of the sneakers industry. It has been equally popular among adults as well as kids. Despite its popularity all across the world, this pair of shoes has not gone up much in price. And we offer you to buy this simplistic pair at a very affordable and discounted price. Along with that we also provide a wide range of weekly and monthly offers.

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