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The Iconic Bred 4s – Perfect for your Closet

Introduction and History of the Bred 4s:

A few striking things make this shoe appealing to sneaker enthusiasts. The Bred 4s are famously known for bringing the first image of the flight Jump man logo on the tongue of the sneaker. This shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield himself a very importantly known for the exposed air unit that is on the heel of the shoe.


Design Details of Bred 4s:

This amazing Bred 4s is famously known for its sporty wings. All over the shoe, there is straight black trim within all of the cuts with recycled fabric underneath it, this makes it look like a cleaner-looking shoe with all black. Then there are little lace crowns on both sides of the shoes in the form of little eyelets and the plastic pieces, they also look like basketball nets. Additionally, this iconic bred 4s does have a Nike Air tag, which is a little piece of plastic and super lightweight. The rest of the shoe is pretty standard. There is a polyurethane midsole with a visible air unit, then there is also an encapsulated air unit in the forefoot.

Another key thing that is being featured on the shoe is a polyurethane insole featuring Nike Air branding on it, it gives the consumer additional stepping comfort, so for any heads, it is an awesome addition. The insolently fire red color with a black Nike Air lettering.

There is multi-directional herringbone traction on the foot sole with the Nike Air logo on it. And then the Nike Air logo back on the back side of the shoeThe laces of these superb shoes are in black.

The overall material of this shoe is synthetic and durable. The toe of this shoe is smoother and starts to slim downwards. The netting on the above side of the shoe is not glued down and is in the form of small squares and free-flowing, so one can move it. In this way, it is easier to clear to clean it in case the dust gets stuck in here. On the front of the tongue has the Jordan flight logo. Behind the tongue, there is an Air Jordan tongue tag upside down. The stitching of the shoes goes all the way to the back of the shoe. Whereas the back tab of the shoe is nice and soft, so it not going to hurt the foot of the wearer when it digs in. on the other hand the padding is very slender just like the originals, so it looks even better. This sling padding feature of this sneaker gives it a lot slimmer and a lot sleeker look.



The colorway of this shoe is black, fire red, cement grey, and summit white.

Sizing of the Bred 4s:  

On the box of this shoe, there is both men’s and women’s sizing mentioned on it. The box of the shoe reads black fire red and cement grey So these shoes are not limited to any one gender, there are plenty of sizes available. As far as the sizing is concerned, staying true to your size would fit these shoes perfectly on the feet.

Styling of the Bred 4s:

On the feet, these Bred 4s look superb, especially with all black denim, blue denim, camo pants, and any other style of the pant.  These shoes go with many types of outfits. Oversized pants are in vogue these days and these classic sneakers are a perfect way to complete the look in a dashing manner. These shoes can be paired with sweatpants and baggy pants. A go-too combination for wintertime errand runs. These sneakers have become a must-have that can be styled with any style of outfit. When it comes to everyday basis, these sneakers are an undisputed champion, they can take any outfit from low key to chic, that fulfills the tastes of both genders if styled in a proper way.


The Bred 4s is a shoe that has been known and loved for years and years with the Nike Air branding on it. This shoe is definitely worth the hype and created some sort of frenzy. It is revolutionary that these shoes have a breathable window on the side of your shoe as well as mesh netting on the tongue. The color blocking of this shoe is also awesome even though it is just all black for the most part including grey around the collar, and the reverse side of it is in fire red color. Then there are hits of grey, fire red, and white on the bottom of the shoe along with grey-black, and white on the midsole. This scheme has tied up everything in the shoe together in such a great uniform manner that you cannot picture it in any different way than it is. This inclusiveness makes it an absolute icon and an absolute must-have in your sneaker collection. 

In today’s twenty-first century, where up-to-date fashion has taken over the world, these sneakers are irresistible to buy for people across all age groups and all the countries of the world. Additionally, the super-soft leather would make it comfortable and convenient to use these sneakers on daily basis. We extend our diligent efforts to provide its customer with high-quality selling shoes. We also try our level best to ensure excellent quality and service delivery. So you would not like to miss this chance to grab your favorite bred 4s sneakers. we provide a multitude of weekly promotions as well on which different discounts are available. We hope that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in purchasing these perfect shoes that will match your desire.

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